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5G Private-Network.

5G technology.

The network of the future.

Thanks to new 5G mobile technology, a host of new benefits have emerged for society and the economy. As the expansion of mobile communications continues, opportunities for improved connectivity and communication are opening up. In the future, 5G will continue to revolutionise a wide range of industries as it can simplify and automate work processes.

5G Private-Network.

Implementing innovative ideas.

We are your reliable partner for the realisation of your 5G Private-Network. With our many years of experience and our competent expert team of technicians and engineers, we are at your side right from the start. We offer a Full-Turnkey-Solution that covers all aspects – from planning and consulting to installation and the optimal configuration of your individual network.

Ein Lagerraum der Triopt Group mit einem Gabelstapler
Private network.

Customized for your requirements.

In order to make the most of the possibilities offered by this innovative technology, 5G Private-Networks have been developed that provide users from a wide range of industries with access to many different benefits directly on their private premises.

Laderampen der Triopt Group
At a glance.

Faster, more reliable, more efficient.


Icon für 5G Netzabdeckung
Tailored network coverage.
Icon für 5G Unabhängigkeit
Independence from third parties.
Icon für die 5G Übertragungsrate
High data transmission rate.
Icon für 5G Latenz
Very short latency times.
Icon für 5G Stabilität
High network stability.
Icon für 5G Sicherheit
High IT security.
Our partners.
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Individual 5G Private-Network.

One network –
infinite possibilities.

Discover the advantages of a private 5G Private-Network on your company premises! Whether indoors, in your offices and warehouses, or outdoors, in the parking lot and loading zone – we offer vendor-independent solutions and find the right hardware for your needs.

Individual requirements.

Customized and exclusive.

From the number of antennas needed to the core units, all hardware is carefully calculated and selected to guarantee complete network coverage. Trust our expertise for an efficient and powerful 5G solution on your premises.

5G MVC Antenne
Use Cases.

Versatile applications.

Experience the benefits of the 5G Private-Network solution at your location and discover the variety of application areas and possible uses of this innovative technology. With impressive bandwidths and real-time speeds, it enables seamless networking of machines, devices and people. Take advantage of this technology to optimize your work processes, increase efficiency and enhance your company’s competitiveness.

5G Rover der Triopt Group im Einsatz
Universally applicable.

Universally applicable.

5G Priavte-Networks are already being successfully deployed in these industries:

  • Transportation and logistics.
  • Industry and manufacturing.
  • Research and education.
  • Entertainment and events.
  • Healthcare.
Ein junger Mitarbeiter der Triopt Group im Lager
Mitarbeiter bei einer Besprechung
01. – 06.


From the conceptual design to a cost estimate, the needs analysis and the appropriate hardware selection, we always advise you from the beginning.

Eine Beantragung der Triopt Group
02. – 06.


We support the development of the technical 5G concept by creating a spectrum utilization concept, outlining the spectrum requirements and applying for the necessary authorizations.

Eine 5G-Funkplanung der Triopt Group für das 5G Campus-Netz
03. – 06.


Our service includes coverage simulation, where we perform radio network and capacity planning, as well as implementation planning, including Civil Works and cable laying, to ensure an optimal infrastructure for the network.

Mitarbeiter von triopt bei der Wartung von 5G Campus Netz
04. – 06.


Set-up of all required components such as antennas, base stations, cabling and network equipment to be installed correctly according to technical requirements and standards.

5G Campus-Netz Triopt Group
05. – 06.


We configure the 5G Private-Network and adapt it to your individual requirements. In addition, we support you in the implementation of your use cases and applications.

Ein Mitarbeiter der Triopt Group mit seinem Arbeitstablett
06. – 06.


In addition, we perform post-commissioning measurements to ensure effective system optimization.

Triopt Group 5G MVC.

Our 5G test lab for your use cases.

Experience our 5G Multi-Vendor-Campus network and test your 5G applications extensively on our company premises. With several outdoor and indoor cells from different vendors, we have installed our own 5G Private-Network in Moers. Our flexible and individually tailored campus network allows you to get started immediately and without long waiting times.

Latest technologies.

Our hardware:

All essential approvals are already in place and the hardware is installed and functional. Without any acquisition costs, various use cases can be built and tested. Test your applications tomorrow on our Multi-Vendor-Campus network and benefit from our cutting-edge technology, including the latest hardware and software equipment for servers, 5G core, 5G radio, smartphones and other end devices.

5G Campus Netz Rendering
Best equipped.

Our 5G MVC offers:

  • 2 outdoor and 4 indoor antennas from different manufacturers.
  • Data throughput in download of 1 GB/s.
  • Open source core and commercial cores from various vendors.
  • Various RAN splits, all-in-one gNBs. Open RAN or closed systems.
5G MVC Triopt Group
More information

Our Flyer.

You can find a detailed description and some usefull information about our 5G private network services in our flyer.

Planung der Telekommunikation Messtechnik an I Pad

Your own 5G Private-Network!

We support you on the way to your own customized 5G Private-Network. From planning to installation and far beyond, we are always at your side and realize your project! You would like to use our 5G MVC for testing purposes? Then simply get in touch with us!

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Our projects and use cases.

Eine Lagerhalle der Triopt Group von innen

Project FlexShield.

Resilient 5G networking for real-time industrial applications.

Das Gelände der TrioptGroup von oben

Triopt Group 5G MVC.

Exclusive 5G Multi-Vendor-Campus network on our company premises. Optimally suited for research purposes, test trials and hardware checks.

v-tron 5G Campus-Netz Triopt Group

5G Teleoperation.

This project uses 5G connectivity to enable teleoperation, including truck control and remote operation of front-end loaders. With our partner V-tron, we can realize various 5G use cases for the logistics industry.

Ein Fahrrad- und Autofahrer


The Car2Bike project successfully networked cars and bicycles via 5G to improve road safety. Various hazardous situations were simulated on our 5G MVC to demonstrate the potential of 5G for safe driving.

Eine große Personengruppe steht vor einem Rettungswagen und lächelt in die Kamera

5G TeleRettung.

The joint project "5G-TeleRescue" aims to significantly expand the possibilities of diagnostics and therapy within the framework of the Telenotarzt (TNA) with the help of the 5G mobile radio standard in order to improve emergency medical care in rural areas and relieve scarce emergency physician resources.

Other innovations.


We offer individual electromobility solutions. Whether AC or DC charging stations, wallboxes or charging parks - we will find the optimal solution for your charging infrastructure.


Precise, safe and efficient - our experienced copter pilots reliably control the drones and deliver the desired results.

Frequently asked questions.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications and offers improved functions compared with 4G/LTE. The main advantages of 5G are a higher data transmission rate of up to 10 Gbit/s, support for a large number of simultaneously connected end devices, and a very low response time of around 1 ms. This opens up new possibilities for Smart Home, Smart Entertainment, Smart Agriculture, Smart City, IoT and Smart Mobility.

5G Private-Networks are special industrial networks that cover the network of company premises, hospitals, agricultural areas or factory halls. They are used to expand or replace the existing WLAN and are used to implement automated processes and transfer large volumes of data. The German Federal Network Agency has reserved a separate (corporate) frequency range for the new 5G technology, in which a specific frequency can be used locally and exclusively. This enables companies to set up a stand-alone network and operate independently of public network operators, which increases IT security. Thus, companies benefit from the advantages of 5G technology and can use it privately and without restrictions at their own location.

5G Private-Networks offer attractive opportunities for companies that have already implemented many automated workflows or are planning to do so in the future (Industry 4.0). It offers fast and reliable connectivity with high bandwidth. Likewise, it supports massive IoT (Internet of Things) applications and enables connectivity to a wide range of devices. Its low latency makes it suitable for real-time communications and applications such as autonomous vehicles or AR/VR. Another advantage of 5G campus networks is their ability to handle a high density of end devices, making it the optimal solution for increasing device connectivity in the future.

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