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Sustainable solutions.

Technical progress in electromobility.

The switch to electric mobility is becoming increasingly important in Germany. The use of electric vehicles is rising continuously. The network of charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly dense. The state offers attractive incentives such as tax breaks and environmental bonuses to promote the switch to electric vehicles. We support you on your way to the electric future!

Our promise.

EV charging for your requirements.

Whether you need a charging infrastructure for your customers, employees or corporate fleet – we have the right technical solution for your individual needs. Our experts also take care of the back-end and the seamless integration of payment systems as well as communication with the network operators.

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Charging infrastructure for every need.

From 11 to 300 kW, we offer an extensive range of charging technologies: from the convenient wallbox to the powerful hypercharger. Our solutions range from 8 hours of charging time to lightning-fast 30-minute fast charge cycles to keep your electric vehicles always ready to go.

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Our partners & customers.
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Green mobility.

Experience sustainable future technologies today.

Operating electric vehicles is a first step toward greater sustainability. But only when the electricity used is generated from “green” sources does sustainable mobility become truly climate-friendly. We develop innovative solutions for the generation, storage and efficient use of energy. This not only reduces costs in the long term, but also makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

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Customized solutions.

The right partner for your charging infrastructure

With our full turnkey service, we are the ideal partner for your e-mobility project, regardless of the size of your company. From SMEs to large corporations, we accompany you through all phases of your project and offer customized solutions from a single source.

Our services:

  • Consulting & Planning.
  • Civil Engineering & Assembly.
  • Installation & Commissioning.
  • Maintenance & Inspection.
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Ein Bauplan und Tablet welches von einem Mitarbeiter der Triopt Group bedient wird
01. – 06.


Beginning with the site survey, we provide a comprehensive consultation and develop a customized solution for your e-Mobility needs.

Ein Bauplan der Triopt Group bei einem Projekt über e-Mobility
02. – 06.


In the planning phase, we define the locations, determine the number of charging stations and create technical specifications for your project.

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03. – 06.

e-Mobility civil engineering.

The civil engineering process includes all the necessary construction work to install the charging infrastructure, including laying cable lines and placing foundations.

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04. – 06.


We install the charging stations at the prepared locations and restore the surface structure.

Mitarbeiter bei der Wartung einer Station für E Mobility
05. – 06.

Installation & Commissioning.

After assembly, the charging columns are connected to the power grid and the necessary software for the charging and payment system is installed.

Ein Mitarbeiter der Triopt Group bei einem e-Mobility Projekt
06. – 06.

Maintenance & Inspection.

Regular inspections ensure the functionality and safety of the charging infrastructure. We check the charging station for wear and damage and repair it professionally.

Site Acquisition e-Mobility.

Advancing electromobility:
Site acquisition for ev charging infrastructure.

We are your contact for the site acquisition of your ev charging infrastructure in Moers and throughout Germany. We take over the identification, evaluation and selection of suitable locations for the installation of charging stations. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast charging stations or large e-Mobility projects – we will find a solution to realize your vision. The goal is to create efficient and user-friendly charging infrastructure and to drive the expansion of the e-Mobility infrastructure in Germany.

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Our references.

Tailor-made e-Mobility solution for tegut in Estenfeld.

The project to install two charging points in the customer parking lot of the tegut supermarket in Estenfeld was successfully completed. As a full turnkey service provider, we took on the detailed planning, coordination and execution of the work, including the laying of 150 meters of cables and the installation of the charging points. Vehicles with a CCS connection can now be charged with up to 300 kW.

Bauplan der Triopt Group für e-Mobility
Advancing electromobility.

E-Mobility: Your path to a green future!

We offer a Full-Turnkey-Solution for your e-mobility project. Whether charging stations for your employees, customers or for public use – we will find the right charging solution.

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Further innovations.

5G Private-Network.

Individual 5G Private-Networks - the flexible and comprehensive solution for your requirements!


Precise, safe and efficient - our experienced copter pilots reliably control the drones and deliver the desired results.

Frequently asked questions.

In the long run, the electric vehicle is cheaper than the conventional combustion engine. A particularly fast amortisation takes place when the electricity is produced by the vehicle itself – and it is also more environmentally friendly.

Basically, a differentiation can be made between an AC wallbox and a DC charging pole. Charging speed, costs and local conditions depend on each other.

The general conditions depend on the hardware used. An 11 kW wallbox naturally charges more slowly than a 50 kW charging station. The charging power (and thus the speed of the charging process) can be manually influenced by the software.

The duration of the charging process is influenced by various factors. Basically, the charging time can be determined depending on the charging power and capacity of the battery.
A simplified example with a 22 kW AC wallbox and a battery with a capacity of 50 kWh:
Charging time = 50 kWh / 22 kW = 2.27 h = approx. 2 h and 16 min
However, the charging curve is not constant. Most e-vehicles charge between 20 – 80 % with the maximum power (in the example with 22 kW).

Charging the e-vehicle with one’s own photovoltaic system is certainly possible. Since the vehicle is usually charged at night, a supplementary energy storage system makes sense. This is charged during the day and releases the stored energy to the e-vehicle at night.

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