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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Innovative solutions.

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, has brought about numerous positive changes in various industries. From increased safety to advanced data analytics, drone technology has revolutionised the way we work and paved the way for many new potentials in the future.

Professionell Results.

Competent and reliable.

As an ISO-certified company, we guarantee a high standard of quality and maximum reliability. Our team of experts consists of geo-scientists, technicians and engineers who not only are experts in drone flights, but also ensure the professional provision and evaluation of the data.

Drohne vor Triopt Group Schild
Experienced pilots.

On the ground and in the air.

We offer one-stop UAS services throughout Germany, from permit planning and safety management to flight inspection and data analysis. In addition, we have operation approvals in the UAS Specific Category from the German Federal Aviation Authority, which allow us to perform flights even in locations that are difficult to access.

Drohnenpilot von Triopt Group
At a glance.

Discover our UAS-Services.

Funkmast mit Aussicht auf Wohngebiet

Cell tower inspections.

We use our UAS based tools to document defects, measure components and their positions, plan modifications and extensions and model cell towers for digital tweins and asset inventory.

Funkmast ragt über Bäume

Line Of Sight Tests.

We perform LOS testing with UAS and high-resolution zoom cameras to test the direct line of sight between cell tower locations to planned sites.

Fahnenmast rechts reales Bild und links animiert

Technical inspections.

We fly at telecommunication installations, power supply lines, pipelines, buildings and other infrastructures for inspection purposes.

Reales Windkraftwerk links und animiertes rechts

Digital Twins.

Digital twins are digital models, generated from images of an aerial survey with UAS and map the actual status of a facility or asset.

Baustelle der Triopt Group

Survey flights.

We offer survey flights with high resolution cameras & LIDAR survey.

Drohne in der Luft

Asset inspections.

Simple aerial photos up to detailed and georeferenced high-resolution images, also with thermal cameras.

Solaranlagen montiert von Triopt Group

Inspections of photovoltaic sites.

We perform inspection flights to identify damages and, upon request, we deliver a comprehensive report of the situation, with defects and an estimation of the actual loss by a certified thermographer.

Baustelle aus Drohnenaufnahme

Construction progress

We provide architects and civil engineers with the necessary data for their decisions.

Plantage aus einer Drohnenaufnahme

Agricultural measurement flights.

Our portfolio includes agricultural mapping, field damage surveys or high resolution and up-to-date plant mapping.

More information.

Our flyer.

You can find a detailed description of our UAS services in our flyer.

Fliegende Drohne vor Triopt Group Schild
Training and education.

Remote pilot training.

We offer high-quality training not only to our own employees, but also to external interested parties and drone pilots. Our comprehensive training program combines theoretical knowledge of aviation regulations, meteorology, flight planning and execution with intensive practical flight training to ensure that all participants gain profound skills in handling UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System, drones).

Competent support.


We also offer our customers and partners support in the process of approvals for UAS operations, as well as in the preparation of operations manuals (ConOps) and operations in the Specific Category (UAS.SPEC).

Mehrere Mitarbeiter der TrioptGroup bei einer Drohnenschulung
Remote pilot certificate A2.

Exam center for remote pilots as a named body by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt DE.PStF.034.

As a exam center for remote pilots PStF.DE.034 approved by the German National Aviation Agengy, we take the exam for the Remote Pilot Certificate A2 at two locations (Moers and Rhine-Main area). On request, we also offer training and exams directly at the customer’s site. In addition, in the future we will also conduct and approve theoretical and practical exams for the standard scenarios STS-01 and STS-02 for fixed and rotary wing aircraft in the Specific Category.

Ein Mitarbeiter der Triopt Group präsentiert sein Fernpiloten-Zeugnis (Remote pilot certificate of competency)
Internal trainings.

Highly trained.

Special topics such as survey flights (geographic basics, handling of ground control points and RTK measurement), inspections (industry, cell towers, photovoltaics) and photogrammetry flights, mission planning, legal and operational basics in the Open and Specific Categories are covered by separate training courses.

Ein Mitarbeiter der TrioptGroup steuert eine Drohne
Or Projects and Recommendations.

Customized solutions.

A brief glimpse of the various uses of our drones and UAS-Services.

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Drohnenbild der Triopt Group zeigt einen Mast
Drohnenbild der Triopt Group zeigt ein Gebäude von oben
Drohnenbild der Triopt Group
Ein Mitarbeiter der Triopt Group welcher mit seinem Tablet eine Drohne steuert
Eine Drohne der Triopt Group im Einsatz an einem mobilen vodafone Mast
Ein Drohnenbild der Triopt Group
Ein Drohnenbild von weit oben
Ein Bild von der Unterseite einer Drohne von der Triopt Group
Ein Drohnenbild von einer Baustelle von der Triopt Group
Drohnen Set Up vor Firmengelände
Safe, efficient and flexible.

Boundless perspectives with our UAS-Services!

We will find the optimal solution for your individual needs. Our experienced pilots adapt to your project and deliver the desired results.

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Other innovations.

5G Private-Network.

Individual 5G Private-Networks - the flexible and comprehensive solution for your requirements!


We offer individual electromobility solutions. Whether AC or DC charging stations, wallboxes or charging parks - we will find the optimal solution for your charging infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions.

The official correct terms in English are “UAV” (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) and “UAS” (Unmanned Aircraft System), but “drones” has become colloquial but a general term. A “multicopter” describes drones with multiple rotors, the most used design.

Primary, an UAS is just a tool that is chosen for the appropriate purpose. The choice of the best drone depends on the desired functions, areas of application and also on the respective legal situation. Generally known renowned manufacturers are for example DJI, Parrot, Autel Robotics, Yuneec, Quantum and Acecore. In addition to the “flying” equipment, there are aids such as RTK GPS (Trimble R12), mobile power generators and the like.

The term “drone license”, as often mentioned, does not actually exist in Germany. Correctly speaking, there is a mandatory “Certificate of Knowledge” (A1/A3) throughout Europe (and thus also in Germany), depending on the weight and application, and a “Remote Pilot Certificate” A2 based on this. In addition, further qualification levels are planned for the future.

No. When flying UAS in Europe and especially in Germany, certain rules must be observed. These include maintaining minimum distances from airports, assemblies of people and sensitive areas, but also labeling the UAS and observing airspace regulations. In addition, data protection and personal rights must be respected. Each use of an UAS requires an individual consideration of the respective approval situation in accordance with the European Regulations (EU)2019/947, and national laws (LuftVO, esp. article 21) and other regulations.

There is no generic answer to this question. Depending on the flight location and the complexity of the mission, one or more authorities may come into play. Sometimes general approvals from the respective state aviation authority, operating approvals in the so-called Specific Category (UAS.SPEC) from the German national aviation agency (LBA) or even special licenses, such as from the German Air Traffic Control (DFS), are necessary. In special cases, for example, we have already operated in close cooperation with DFS and BMVD (Ahrtal), police or Bundeswehr squadrons or with the US Airforce at Ramstein Airbase. For an operation over the refinery site of an international corporation, we were able to successfully complete a full audit including risk assessment and emergency plans.

When it comes to the payload of a UAS, one first thinks of a camera as the “sensor” of a UAS. In fact, the intended use also determines the sensor to be used, which may be a camera, possibly as a wide-angle camera with high resolution and mechanical shutter, but perhaps also as a tele lens with high focal lengths. Depending on the application, however, it may also be a thermal imaging or IR camera that records temperatures instead of light. A multispectral camera, for example, acquires data of the near-infrared range that is invisible to humans and helps estimate plant conditions in agriculture. Laser sensors (LIDAR) provide accurate spatial coverage of areas, and gas sensors measure gas concentrations, such as methane. Magnetic field sensors help to probe magnetic flux densities in the soil.

This can be explained quite simply. As a service provider, we work predominantly for customers in sensitive areas and are subject to certain confidentiality agreements here. Customer protection is a high priority for us, which is why we maintain discretion here.

With flying hours in the four-digit range, we of course have sufficient experience in different areas:

  • Areas of 170Ha a day in survey area and photogrammetry with GSD < 1cm and 17 GCP (Ground Control Points).
  • 52Ha in open pit with depths of 80m for stockpile calculation (volume calculation)
    Kilometers of corridor flights for photogrammetry
  • Steep slope flights with height differences from 80m to 120m, with constant distance of 30m above ground level (Terrain Following)
  • Photovoltaic sites in the megawatt range
  • Very high number of cell towers
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