Triopt Group is committed against child poverty in Moers.

After a three-year forced break due to corona, the Cosmo Festival celebrated its comeback on August 26th at the parking lot of the Enni-Sportpark in Moers. All income on the day of the festival was collected for a good cause and donated to “Klartext für Kinder e.V.”*. The Cosmo Festival was organized and carried out by c.o.s.MO e.V. for the second time. The association was founded in January 2019 to continue the basic idea of “Rock im Ring,” the predecessor festival from Moers-Rheinkamp: “Party for a good cause!”

To ensure that this year’s edition of the festival will also be a complete success, we joined the supporters of the event as a locally based company. Alongside other well-known companies from Moers and the surrounding area, we as the Triopt Group were particularly concerned to give something back to the city of Moers and its people. “When we heard that our commitment not only supported a great event, but could also make a difference against child poverty locally in Moers, we knew we had to be part of this great cause,” Jörg Dahms, Managing Director of Triopt Group, tells looking back.

The festive day itself could not have been better. The glorious weather contributed to the fact that more than 2500 people, including many children and families, visited the festival at the Enni Sports Park. Stormtroopers and Mickey Mouse strolled through the crowds, bikers picked up children for trike rides together, there was face painting, jumping and dancing. The Wheel of Fortune delighted many children’s eyes, and the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the grand raffle winner drawing. At the same time, local bands accompanied the event with live rock music and created a great atmosphere.

The donation amount was spontaneously increased from € 21,750 to € 22,115 on the evening of the helpers' party.
The atmosphere was also great in the evening of the festival.

The organizers were completely satisfied with the course of the event and especially with the total amount raised of € 22,115. Thomas Locker, Chairman of c.o.s.Mo. e.V., found the right words to conclude the event: “I would like to thank everyone who was there, the best crew ever and everyone who supported us so much that this sum was raised. With the money Klartext für Kinder e.V. can once again do so much good. Simply terrific.” We as a company are also thrilled about the considerable donation sum and thank you very much that we were able to contribute our part.

Anyone who is already interested in the Cosmo Festival 2024 and would like to find out more can do so now at We are already looking forward to the next time, when it’s again: “Party for a good cause!”

*Klartext für Kinder e.V. is a non-profit organization that was founded in Moers in 2007. It grew out of a successful Christmas tree wish list initiative, in which citizens could grant wishes to socially disadvantaged children for Christmas. This concept was well received and led to the founding of the Association against Child Poverty. The organization consists of committed private individuals, experts and representatives of various institutions. Klartext für Kinder works transparently and directly on behalf of needy children in its own community of Moers and the surrounding area, and has grown considerably in recent years. Further information under:

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