On October 19, we provided an exciting insight into the design of future smart cities as part of the “Urban Transformation 120H” presentation week at the Digital Campus Zollverein. Led by our CEO Jörg Dahms, our experts Julia Ludolph and Jonas Piepke presented pioneering technologies that are already advancing urban development today. From 5G technologies and customized private networks to advanced e-mobility infrastructure and the innovative use of drones, we showed how various technologies are coming together to make cities more sustainable, efficient and liveable.

As a vitronet company, we had the unique opportunity to present our expertise in this innovative field. In our presentation entitled “Innovative technologies for the expansion of smart cities by the Triopt Group”, we helped to bridge the gap between visionary concepts and technologies that are already available for use. The presentations and discussions within this initiative were met with great interest, with 60 participants, 48 partners and over 5,000 online views of the live stream, the event week was a complete success.

For those who missed the talk or would like to re-watch it, the video is available below. Share your thoughts with us! Leave your comments or send us an email with questions, ideas or specific interest in our services. We look forward to your contributions and a stimulating dialog!

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