Another success for the Triopt Group was recorded with the successful certification of TriPro GmbH’s metal construction team on November 13, 2023. The certificate, which is valid for one year, marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of the highest quality standards and the ambition to play a greater role in the manufacture of radio towers in the telecommunications industry. It confirms compliance with the strictest requirements for the production of laoded components in accordance with DIN EN 1090-2 (Execution Class 3) and the conformity of the company’s own production control.

“Our successful certification is the result of combined efforts, hard work and the relentless commitment of our team. The move to EXC 3 was a challenge that we have mastered with pride, and it underlines our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards in every weld, in every detail of our production.” – Operations Manager Martin Pils.

The new certification opens up further opportunities for us, particularly in the telecommunications sector, as we can now produce not only statically but also dynamically loaded structures. The production of 10-12 meter high radio towers can now be realized and meets the specific requirements of the industry.

Despite this change in focus, TriPro GmbH’s portfolio remains versatile. We want to continue to produce first-class structures such as railings, balconies and more in order to meet our customers’ needs and underline our wide range of services.

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