The Moerser Unternehmer Frühstück.

We had the unique opportunity to present our expertise in the field of 5G wireless technology at the “Unternehmerfrühstück” in Moers. We were the only participant to give a presentation to numerous companies from the region. The event was organized in cooperation with the mayor, Mr. Fleischhauer and the city of Moers at the Enni Sportpark Rheinkamp. The Unternehmer Frühstück is a recurring event for interested companies from Moers, which offers all participants the opportunity to network.


5G Technology.

As an expert in the field of 5G, we are committed to helping companies take full advantage of this innovative technology. In addition to the general 5G network coverage by the network operators in Moers, we additionally informed the participants about the possibilities of their own private 5G Private-Network and gave them an understanding of the technology.

connect. Moers.

Our motto for the event was “connect. Moers.” and it gave us a great opportunity to talk to other local companies. We are very grateful for this opportunity and are pleased with the valuable contacts we were able to make.

Triopt bei der Stadt Moers
Hardwich Tholel, Director of Sales and Marketing and Mayor Christoph Fleischhauer.
Triopt Präsentation Stadt Moers
Jörg Dahms, CEO Triopt Group introduces our company.
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