Silicon Moers.

We had the opportunity to host the innovative Moers event “Runder Tisch – Silicon Moers”. Thanks to our presentation at entrepreneurs’ breakfast in Moers, we attracted the attention and interest of many participants. So mayor Christoph Fleischhauer decided to invite some Moers companies from the IT sector to a meeting in our company in Genend. The event “Runder Tisch – Silicon Moers” has been brought back to life after more than two years of Corona’s forced hiatus and is intended to bring innovative and tech-savvy companies from Moers together at one table.

The 5G rover.

At the beginning Jörg Dahms, our managing director, had explained our Triopt Group in more detail to all guests. After the presentation, the participants had the opportunity to explore our company premises with our newest team member, the 5G-Rover. The 5G-Rover may look at first glance, like a simple remote controlled car, but it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is an important part of our 5G Multi-Vendor-Campus-Network. (5G MVC).

Triopt 5G Rover
Our 5G rover shortly before its first deployment.

State-of-the-art equipment.

Stefan Arbes, one of our UAS experts, explains: “The 5G rover is equipped with a 5G modem, RTK-GPS for precise positioning, a controller with IMU and magnetometer, a companion PC and other technologies. It can autonomously travel predefined routes on our 5GMVC, measuring link qualities, latencies and transmission rates at different locations. Thanks to the low latency on the 5G network, it can also be controlled live from a ground station via joystick. At the ‘Silicon Moers’ event, we were even able to demonstrate control from the basement and transmit a live image to the audience via camera and video stream.”

5G Campus Network

After we had told a lot of theoretical knowledge about the campus network technology before, the live presentation gave an insight into the practice and many usage possibilities of a private 5G campus network. We are extremely grateful for the great opportunity to be part of the event “Round Table – Silicon Moers”.

Drohnenaufnahmen auf Laptop
Live image transmission from the camera of our 5G rover.
Präsentation bei Triopt
Jörg Dahms presents the company in more detail.
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