Triopt Group presents the innovative 5G Multi-Vendor-Campus network in Moers.

Now we can proudly present our innovative 5G Multi-Vendor-Campus network (5GMVC) on our company premises in Moers. The 5G Private-Network will become a flexible show site for indoor and outdoor applications that can be rented by interested companies for their own test runs. We offer companies the opportunity to test and implement manufacturer-independent 5G use cases under real conditions. At the same time, manufacturers can also integrate and test new technologies and hardware in our network.

Fullturn key solutions.

In addition to the use of our test site, we also offer companies a full turnkey solution for the planning and implementation of their own 5G Private-Network. Our focus is on medium-sized and large companies from different industries. With the campus network technology, existing processes can be further automated and the control, as well as the monitoring of the infrastructure can be further optimized. We provide on-site local cellular capacity to ensure reliable, high-performance communication between all devices. Even remote areas can be illuminated with our own 5G antennas.

Our 5G Campus Network.

Efficient and fit for the future.

The 5G Multi Vendor Campus in Moers marks a significant step towards a more efficient and future-proof business landscape. We are proud to develop innovative solutions for the deployment of 5G Private-Networks, paving the way to a connected and automated future.

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